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Who We Are

About Us

Meet Josh Comingore

Having lost my best friend, Buddy, I grew to appreciate the comfort I share with my customers by providing a friendship with their pets during their visits with me. Whether it is for just a walk or a stay over while their parents are on vacation, I provide a safe and happy experience for every pet Hangin’ with Buddy®.

I am a very social, fun loving person; typically playing around, which keeps dogs entertained. In my spare time, I enjoy paddle boarding, weight training, and spending quality time with friends and family. In addition, I have a passion for supporting local small businesses within the Tampa area.

I am most proud of the accomplishment of completing my associates degree in Engineering. However, my happiest moment was the day I was able to leave the corporate world and dive into the world of entrepeneurism, launching Hangin’ with Buddy®.


hangin with buddy
hangin with buddy

What Makes Hangin’ with Buddy® Different?

I’m a pet lover… I absolutely love dogs and being outdoors, so dog walking and park visits are just my cup of tea!  Hangin’ with Buddy® is unique in that we use the latest technology to enhance the experience of our customers.  Our clients know when a visit is started and can see detailed notes and GPS tracking at the end of each visit. This additional measure of technology helps my buddy owners’ have peace of mind. I share photos and keep in constant contact during my care, which lets them know their babies are safe and happy!

We use technology you’d expect to see in a large corporate company, but it’s utilized by a locally owned and operated owner. We make each visit a personal experience that you can’t get from some large website or app. One of our core values is to always maintain continuous education so that we are the most trusted pet care professionals in the Tampa Metro area.
What Drives Us

Future Vision

As mentioned previously, I have a passion for supporting local small businesses within the Tampa area. Being an entrepreneur also gives me the flexibility to give back to my community. Hangin’ with Buddy® offers free pet services to elderly and sick individuals who may not have someone in their lives to lend a hand. This offering is our way of keeping community, people and pets the focus for future generations.

hangin with buddy
hangin with buddy

What We Love

My favorite service is one of our newest… the “doggy field trip.” This 3 hour experience involves all a dog could want! Pups get to get a ride in the car, stroll through a park, walk a few city streets exploring new smells and scenary, all followed up with another ride in the car back home. I love these Buddy’s excitement in the beginning and then I love hearing from their parents: “the kiddos slept all afternoon after you dropped them off.”

I love what I do… I have the best job in the world. I get to hang out with furry rascals all day, enjoying fresh air and exercise in the beautiful outdoors in Florida.